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Launched in 2010, ON NATURAL represents recognizable popular-selling multicultural hair & skin care products in the U.S. and the global markets, specializing in a wide range of unique beauty product lines distributed through reputable distributors and wholesalers.


  • ON strands for Organic & Natural.

  • The main focus is on providing products with organic and natural ingredients for customer satisfaction.

  • The brand has launched a variety of wig, weave, natural, curly, and straight hairstyling, conditioning, and detangling products (Product lines include Curl -N- Wavy & Weave & Wig).

  • 2-Day Hold edge control hair gel products started in 2015 with various fragrances and colors. New 3-Day Hold extreme hold products were launched in 2019.

  • Products are distributed to more than 7,000 OTC beauty supply stores nationwide.

  • Known as one of the “Best Leave-in-Conditioner” in the OTC beauty market.

  • Products are available at participating CVS Pharmacy stores, Walmart, Roses, HEB, Burlington, and other fine domestic chain stores.

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